Oct. 17, 2020


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What Is The Your Life. Your Terms Event?

2020 has been a wild ride, and it’s not over yet.

But how have the last months impacted your future, and what trends can you expect to see in the months and year ahead?

For the last 12 years, hundreds of Ontario’s most active real estate investors have been gathering together to find out what is happening now and how they can use that information to their advantage for the future.

And when 2020 continues to throw curveballs at all of us, Rock Stars continue to reach out to tell us that’s exactly what they’re doing.

They’re prepared for these wild economic times.

You can join this elite group of investors to gain the same advantage on October 17 at the next Your Life. Your Terms. Event!

There will be no crystal ball there telling you what to do. What you will find is insightful trends to prepare you for tomorrow, the latest news on markets, mortgages, and landlord-tenant relations so you can invest in your future with confidence

October 17, the Your Life. Your Terms. Event is the place to be to join hundreds of the most passionate, hard-working, and motivated investors and entrepreneurs in Canada. Their motivation is simple… to live life on their terms!

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October 17th, 2020

What's In store...

Rock Star Economic Update:

-With Tom Karadza

Stocks are up, house prices are up, debt and unemployment are way up… are things really as they seem?


Headlines have people spiralling into panic mode. But with everything going on in 2020, now is the time to remain calm and act logically based on the facts.


For a decade Rock Star investors have been using these economic updates to scale their investing properly and profitably. 


Let’s go behind the headlines and learn what the current state of things means for you, your family, and your investments.

"What an amazing event! It was my first time attending and all I have to say is WOW! I learned a ton and everyone there was extremely friendly and kind. My thanks goes out to Tom and Nick and the Entire Rock Star Team!"
Ryan Dennahower
Rock Star Member
" Fantastic event as always Tom, Nick, and the Team! I brought a guest who's interested in getting into real estate, and he was blown away with the amount of information and quality of presentations! You have a new recruit!"
Chad Urbshot
Rock Star VIP Member

New Landlord Tenants Rules and Best Practices:

- With Kelly Hawkes

Bill 184 came into effect this year and changed the landlord-tenant relationship moving forward. 


Our go-to paralegal, Kelly Hawkes, will be joining us to outline the changes, what it means of for landlords, and updated best practices. 


This is essential for any investor to ensure they’re protecting their investments and maximizing returns.

"Mind blown! What an awesome event this morning! I can honestly say I think learned more in a few hours this morning than I did in 3 days at a similar conference in Winnipeg! Just phenomenal speakers, great market info, you do it right!"
Melissa Verspeeten
Rock Star Member
"The event was packed full of energy and information! Tom and Nick were very insightful and proved that even if you make mistakes, the key is to take action. eventually we can all get there and live life on our terms."
Alena Safarik
Rock Star Member

Investor Mortgage Update:

-With Dave Butler

In a constantly shifting financial environment the mortgage picture for real estate investors is changing constantly.


Credit is one of the key Rock Star pillars to building your financial fortress so that you can have access to capital.


During times like these when the government and banks are openly squabbling over upcoming mortgage programs and changes, we need to stay up to date with the very latest.


Dave Butler of Butler Mortgages will be sharing what Rock Stars need to know!

Local Real Estate Market Update:

- With Tom & Nick Karadza

The COVID impact has been felt in real estate markets all over.


The trends we’ve been watching over the last few years have only escalated.


As demand in suburbs explodes what does that mean for other areas? Where are investors seeing the strongest returns? What strategies are working in different areas? What impact is the reduced immigration numbers this year going to have?


We’ll take a dive into all this and how we can expect it to impact us moving forward.

"Wanted to say a huge thanks for another great event at the Member Event last weekend. They keep getting better and better and I really appreciate that you guys bring in extra guest speakers that are not directly related to real estate like Philip McKernan and Dr. Cowan!"
Anita Naudhoo
Rock Star Member
"I have been attending various investment clubs and meetings over a period of 8 years and here at Rock Star is the only place that you don't get a sales pitch and a strong buy from us now or else you are losing out. Will continue to recommend these guys to people interested in investing!"
John Fernandez
Rock Star Member

Check Out What People Had To Say After Attending A Previous Your Life. Your Terms. Event...

"As always, the Economic update was so insightful and helped us to understand the current global situation and how it affects us. Thank you so much for bringing so much value to the member event! We are always grateful for all the hard work you put in!"
- Christopher And Annalou Tan
"Thank you very much for the gathering yesterday morning. It was another high octane event with lots to take in and ruminate on. My 14 year old daughter joined, and was very glad she came. Thank you for helping me to expose her young mind to a different way of thinking. I hope to foster her through Rock Star!"
- Jillian Henderson
"This is the first event I attended. It was awesome. I met really great people at my table and that next to mine who have offered their assistance. It was just fantastic and inspiring and is keeping me motivated to continue with this new adventure of investing!"
- Brent Rylott
"Well done to the entire Rock Star team yesterday! It was a great session, a lot of planning and hard work went into it. I particularly like how you keep all the speakers on track, info is delivered really well and you add a personal touch, which creates a great connection between you and the members :)"
- Caroline Griffin